Compulsory Motor Insurance


Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI)

Oftentimes, when we think about Motor Insurance, we only consider only Type1   Type2+   Type3+ and  Type3 the Compulsory Insurance that is mandatory for all vehicles to have.

CMI Provides coverage for third parties involved in an accident - to ensure that they receive proper and immediate medical treatment and compensation.  

  • All types of vehicle are required to have CMI and must be renewed yearly before renewing their annual car tax sticker.
compulsory motor insurance details
Thailand’s regulations requires that CMI is mandatory for every car registered and must be done before the annual car tax renewal. 

What does it cover?

Protected under the Act are the car accident victims.   Whether it’s the pedestrians or anyone who got injured by a car accident, are covered by the following protections: 

The primary bodily damages that victims are covered by the Motor Insurance Act  are medical expenses for injuries and death charges. Without waiting for proof, the company will pay the damages to the victim / heirs within 7 days from reports of claim (but shall not exceed 65,000THB).  The received claims will be as follows:


Medical expenses (in case of injuries)

Death or any disability

Summary Insured

Up to 30,000 Baht/Person

Up to 35,000 Baht/Person

Total Summery coverage up to 65,000 Baht/person

Additional Coverage after Case Investigation

Apart from normal CMI coverage we also get additional cover for the extra expenses if there is a proof that the subscriber is not the party at fault.


Medical expense cover

Loss of vital organs, compensation for the injured party

Death or Permanent disability

Daily Compensation (Up to 20 Days)

Summary Insured

Up to 80,000 Baht/Person

200,000-300,000 Baht/Person

Up to 300,000 Baht/Person

200 Baht/Day Up to 4,000 Baht/Person

Total summery coverage up to 304,000 Baht/Person

Why do we need to have CMI?

CMI is a requirement to renew your annual car tax payments

Every road vehicle in Thailand must renew their CMI yearly before renewing their annual car tax sticker. If you’re apprehended without a valid car tax sticker, you will have to pay a fine. So make sure you get the order right - CTPL first, annual tax second. Allianz General Insurance can help you get your compulsory insurance cover.  Car tax payment are paid separately by the car owner as it’s not currently part of our service.

CMI will also cover medical expenses that third parties have  incurred in a vehicular accident that you are involved in.  This ensures that these third parties receive the necessary medical treatment.  

Why still need to have Motor Insurance if already have Compulsory Insurance

The covered under the Compulsory Insurance may not be enough to cover for the expenses that will be incurred, like for example admittance in a private hospital as these may cost more than government hospital. Also Compulsory Insurance does not cover damage on both own vehicle and third party liability. A  premium insurance  subscribed with  Allianz General Insurance will help you to cover the cost of insurance premiums and types of insurance, such as first class insurance coverage, collision coverage, 2+ that cover him and us(only in case of car crash)  or  insurance class 3+, but economical protection. And there’s no need for car inspection.