Travel Accident Insurance
Wherever you're travelling, whatever your needs, Allianz provide the right travel coverages just for you.


Travel Insurance from Allianz. Get insured from the first day of your trip with nothing to worry about. Think of travel, think of Allianz Travel Insurance.

Feel secure and confident on your trip with Allianz Travel Insurance. Get insured from the first day of your trip with no worries about the unexpected (i.e. an accident, loss of stuff, broken luggage, canceled or delayed flights).

Travel with confidence with Travel Insurance from Allianz. Get your family and yourself fully insured, with 323 baht as a starting price and 100% guaranteed VISA. Moreover, you will be equipped with our Travel Assistance and provided with consultancy in case of any unfortunate incident.

  • Travel Insurance with flexible choices
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance Services
travel insurance

1. Travel Assistance

  • Itinerary and details of your destination
  • Information about Thai or related embassy at your destination
  • Flights schedule
  • Visa submission information
  • Weather report during the trip
  • Foreign exchange rate
  • Carrier protocols

2. Other services

  • Request for urgency
  • Medical-treatment plan
  • Legal advices
  • Emergency plan for family
  • Booking an accommodation in advance
  • Booking a rent car in advance
  • Following up with lost luggage
  • Passport loss
  • Interpreter
  • Information about cross-border telecommunications
  • Keeping copy of personal documents and preparing them for you