Clearing All Customers’ Doubts
Because we are a reliable and transparent company with financial security to offer world-class coverage and comprehensive services.
Our online insurance purchase system is certified and meets the standards of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and the credit and debit card payment system via Krungsri-payment Gateway has the safest security system with 128-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and 3-tier computer network architecture and an effective firewall. Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code are also used to provide an extra layer of protection for card holders.
Yes. However, after coverage is effective, premiums will be returned according to the remaining number of days (according to the conditions for short-term insurance premiums).

The following credit/debit cards can be used to purchase insurance online:

  • Visa cards. 
  • Mastercards. 
  • JCB cards. 
You receive coverage immediately upon reaching the specified date, after fulfillment of payment or according to the insurance policy terms. (Flood insurance coverage starts 7 days after the underwriting date.) The system will issue policy documents, a payment receipt and various attached documents and will keep the purchase history in the membership system. 
Your insurance policy will be delivered to you by email after you complete your payment. 
We offer health insurance for individuals, families and businesses, as well as travel and personal accident insurance.
Local Thailand residents are eligible for our plans; generally, we are able to accept members from 15 days to 65 years of age - this varies by plan.
1. You can visit us at our Bangkok Head Office (Ploenchit Tower), call 02 232 8555 and email: TH-Tele@aetna.co.th
Alternatively, leave us your email/contact number click here and we will get back to you.
2. Visit any one of our branches nationwide click here
3. To get in touch with our corporate sales team, call 02 677 0000 Ext. 5501 or email: TH-dcorp@aetna.co.th
4. To speak to us about travel insurance, call 02 677 0066 or email: th-travel@aetna.co.th
5. To get in touch with our agent relations center, call​ 02 677 0000 ext. 5114
The declaration of your health conditions on our application form will be sufficient.
You may flash your Allianz Ayudhya member card at our network providers to receive treatment on a cashless basis. In some instances, you will have to seek pre-authorisation for treatment; this is where we assess if treatment will be covered by your plan before you receive it. 

To pre-authorise treatment at our network providers, you will have to:
1. Show your ID card or Allianz Ayudhya member card to our network provider.
2. Our network provider will check your policy status.
3. They will submit the necessary documents to Allianz Ayudhya for consideration.
4. Allianz Ayudhya will inform the provider of the pre-authorisation outcome.
Simply give us a call on 02 232 8555 or get in touch with your nearest branch click here
Simply give us a call on 02 677 0066 or visit our travel insurance page click here
We offer 2 payment frequencies:
1. Annually: You can pay your premium by cash, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) and cheque.
2. Monthly: You can pay your premium  by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or via regular direct debit from your selected bank account.

For outpatient treatment claims, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • A completed claim form
  • A medical report stating your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. For treatment of skin diseases, the name of the prescription is also required.
  • An original receipt containing a breakdown of costs
  • A copy of your ID card
  • A copy of your membership card

For inpatient treatment claims, you will have to submit the following documents:​

  • A completed claim form
  • A medical report stating your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
  • An original receipt containing an itemised breakdown of costs
  • A copy of your ID card
  • A copy of your membership card

You can submit the completed original forms and documents to us by 
1. Bringing the documents to us in person at any Allianz Ayudhya branch or 
2. By mailing the documents to:

Claim Department (Health Insurance)
Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited
898 Ploenchit Tower, Ploenchit Road, Khwang Lupini, Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

​Please note that claim documents should be submitted within 30 days of treatment or discharge from a hospital, medical center or clinic. Original receipts must be submitted (not photocopies). ​We may not pay your claim if you're not able to provide an original receipt for your medical costs.

You will have to pay and claim for treatment when:
1. the hospital you're being treated at is not within our provider network
2. we have not completed our pre-authorisation assessment for the treatment
3. the treatment is a follow-up treatment
4. your policy has been temporarily suspended

We offer a 10% No Claim Bonus* for members who meet the following conditions :

  • Policy is renewed and premium paid before policy expiry
  • All members on the policy remain free of claim(s) over the previous policy year, on all benefits (including optional benefits).

The No Claim Bonus will be refunded in approximately 180 days after the policy renewal date.

*Accident plus, Extra Care and Extra Value plans are not eligible for No Claim Bonus.

We may conduct a medical review for inpatient or outpatient treatment for any disease, condition or disorder which we suspect may be caused by a pre-existing condition.
We will only conduct a medical review if the member's policy is still within the first 2 years for Personal Care and Beyond Personal Care Plans or in the first 3 years of other individual Health and Accident Insurance plans and Group Health Insurance plans.
Our general exclusions include costs for vitamins, nutritional supplements, baby formula, medical supplies, experimental treatment, cosmetic treatment, treatment of congenital and genetic disorders, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. For a complete list of exclusions, please see your plan documents. You may also have specific personal exclusions on your plan.
Our local 24/7 hotline number as shown on the back of your membership card at Tel : 1292 or  Email: csc@aetna.co.th

If you are using another version of UltraCare card] policy number start with P000000 or C000000,  and require assistance after office hours, please call 24/7 international hotline number 001 800 442 221 call free from Thailand (toll-free, international call service feature must be enabled).

For In-patient/daycare, please show your UltraCare member card to our network providers and they will contact us to request preauthorization for you. 

For Out-patient claim, please pay in advance and submit us claim documents for reimbursement. For Corporate members with “Medical History Disregarded(MHD) underwriting terms”, please show your UltraCare member card to our network providers for direct billing facilities.

For outpatient treatment claims, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • A completed Claim form
  • A medical report stating your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Copies of any diagnostic test results is also required (e.g. lab tests, X-rays, ultrasound scans etc.)
  • An original receipt containing a breakdown of costs
  • A copy of your ID card/Passport
  • A copy of your member card
  • A copy of your bank passbook is optional - you can also complete your preferred reimbursement method in Section F of the Claim form

You can submit the completed original forms and documents to us by mail to
IPMI UltraCare Claim
Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited
898 Ploenchit Tower, Ploenchit Road, Khwang Lumpini
Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

You can renew your policy 30 days in advance of your renewal date, or within 30 days of your policy expiry date.
Depending on your selected payment frequency, different options are available to you:
1. Annually: You can pay your premium by cash, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) and cheque.
2. Monthly: You can pay your premium  by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or via regular direct debit from your selected bank account.
Give us a call on 1292 or email: csc@aetna.co.th

A 'single confinement' is defined as 

  • an inpatient admission to a hospital or medical center; if you are admitted twice or more for the same condition within a 90 day period, this will be considered a 'single confinement'  
  • outpatient treatment for the same condition within a 30 day period

A waiting period denotes a period of time where claims for some treatment are not eligible. Typically, our plans have the following waiting periods:
1. Treatment of conditions that arise within 30 days of policy inception
2. Treatment of the following conditions within six months of policy inception

  • tumors or cancers, polyps, or cysts;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • hernias (acquired)
  • pterygium, pinguecula or cataracts;
  • tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy;
  • stones;
  • endometriosis;
  • varicose veins;
  • hallux valgus; or
  • ganglions 

Once the applicable waiting period expires, we will pay claims for these conditions if

  • it is not a pre-existing condition
  • you have made a full recovery from the condition (does not apply to injuries)

​Please refer to your policy documents for more details.

Any medical condition that has occurred before you join one of our policies is considered a pre-existing condition. Typically, we do not provide cover for pre-existing conditions within the first two or three years of policy inception (depending on the plan). We may ask for supporting evidence from your medical provider for claims you make that may be related to a pre-existing condition.

Your policy may be suspended if

  • you do not pay your premiums; after three missed payments, your policy will be cancelled
  • you do not pay for costs that you are liable for (e.g. ineligible medical costs)
  • we are conducting a medical review of your claims, including investigations for pre-existing conditions
We are encouraging all members to download the my health by Allianz Ayudhya mobile application to make access to care simpler. When seeking treatment, members just need to present the app and a copy of their ID card or passport to access care.
my health by Allianz Ayudhya is a mobile application that customers can download to manage their policy easily. Via the my health by Allianz Ayudhya app, they can check their benefits, claim history and find network providers.
My Doctor is a telemedicine service that eligible members can use to consult with a doctor over their mobile phone. Apart from time saved from traveling to a hospital, it also helps reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

Our doctors are specially trained to deliver telemedicine consults. They can also refer members for further treatment when needed.

Because this special service is a marketing campaign targeting insurance takers of the Unlocked Extra Health (MHPE) and Unlocked Health (MHP) products and health coverage riders (HS) (Agency, BANCA, DM) and daily medical treatment coverage rider (HB) and accident coverage rider (PA) (DM).



This is a special additional service available only to customers who have specified insurance plans with Allianz Ayudhya and who undergo inpatient treatment for 2 nights or more or who undergo surgery or recover in the I.C.U. or who undergo hospital treatment for heart disease, thrombotic or embolic stroke, a disease of the spine, a disease of the bone, broken bones or cancer who are approved for compensation by Allianz Ayudhya for rest and recovery only. 

When an insured person receives hospital treatment and meets the criteria for nursing care service, the insured will receive an SMS and be contacted by AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to be notified of the right to use this service after the insured person leaves the hospital.

No, because day surgeries are surgeries that make use of novel procedures that allow fast recovery without requiring hospitalization or additional special care. Therefore, nursing care service does not cover these surgeries. 

No. There might be a misunderstanding. We would like to clarify that the maximum number of times that the insured can use all the services is no more than 14 days per inpatient treatment, and each service can only be used once per day.

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Service Number of Times of Service
(1) Medical service by nurses  
Maximum duration per time: 8 hours.
Maximum number per inpatient treatment:  7 times. 
(2) Physical therapy and therapeutic activities  
Maximum duration per time:  1 hour.
Maximum number per inpatient treatment: 7 times.
The services in (1) and (2) above combine to a total of no more than 7 times per inpatient treatment.
(3) Medical service by nursing assistants  
Maximum duration per time: 8 hours.
Maximum number per inpatient treatment:  7 times.
(4) General healthcare service  
Maximum duration per time: 8 hours.
Maximum number per inpatient treatment: 7 times.
The services in (3) and (4) above combine to a total of no more than 7 times per inpatient treatment.
The services in (1), (2), (3) and (4) above combine to a total of no more than 14 times per inpatient treatment.
The service hours each day must be within the period from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

This depends on the symptoms and needs of the insured. AWP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will choose a plan for the insured. For example, it could be a plan in which a permitted nurse is assigned or a plan in which a nursing assistant is assigned to provide care, and this includes the number of times that each of the aforementioned personnel provide care service to the insured. The company is not the party that makes decisions in this case.



The insured can make contact to request for services at the AWP Customer Center by dialing 02-342- 3278. The insured is personally responsible for the additional service fees that are subject to agreements made with AWP.

The service provided by each of the personnel will take place from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm only. 

If the insured is residing at a place that is not their home but a regular place of residence or if the insured is living with the insured’s relatives and the address is located in Thailand, then the answer is yes.

It is not possible to answer this question at this present.

No. This is because the nursing care service is an extra service and is not related to benefits received under an insurance policy. 

Yes. However, there might be some expenses that the insured has to directly pay such as these:

  1. Medical device fees such as a vital signs monitor (pulse, blood pressure and temperature), braces, wheelchair for the insured, oxygen supply equipment, etc., including medical supplies such as cotton, gauzes and injection needles, etc.
  2. Travel fees for going to doctors’ appointments.
  3. Other expenses beyond the benefits stated in the benefits table for nursing care service.

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Symptoms of the Insured Scope of Service
  • General wound-dressing without risk for infection.
  • Ostomy bag cleaning.
  • Tube feeding.
  • Wound-dressing. 
  • Bathing. 
  • Feeding, including tube feeding.
  • Preparation of prescribed medications.
  • Ostomy bag cleaning.
  • Bowel movement care.
  • Physical movement assistance. 

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Symptoms of the Insured Scope of Service
  • Large wound-dressing with risk of infection.
  • Need for procedure such as administering of drugs/nutrients via saline tube, urinary catheter replacement, etc.
  • Need for use of medical device such as an oxygen machine, mucus suction machine, etc. 
  • Need for physical check-up or recording of important information for medical treatment. 
  • The patient requires symptom monitoring.

They perform the same responsibilities as nursing assistants with additional care in:

  • Preliminary check-ups, information recording and health evaluation. 
  • Care for urinary catheter and ostomy bag, feeding tube replacements, tube tie replacements, breathing tubes, breathing tube interior cleaning and administering of drugs/nutrients via saline tube. 

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Symptoms of the Insured Scope of Service
  • Need for muscle rehabilitation after injury or surgery to restore normal physical movement.
  • Surgery due to muscle injury or bonerelated surgery. 
  • Balance, walking, standing or sitting problems. 

Therapy involves body movements or activities, exercise and additional treatment such as massages to build strength and alleviate symptoms of back pain after illness, injury or surgery. 

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Symptoms of the Insured Scope of Service
  • Need for muscle rehabilitation after injury or surgery to restore normal physical movement.
  • Surgery due to muscle injury or bonerelated surgery.
  • Balance, walking, standing or sitting problems. 
  • Food preparation for the insured.
  • Feeding and reminders to take medication.
  • Bathing and changing.
  • Bowel movement care.
  • Laundry service for the insured. 
  • House cleaning in the area used by the insured.
  • Physical movement assistance.

There are none. This is because the service is provided outside of the hospital or clinic and is available only to people residing in Thailand. 


However, the insured will have to give a response to confirm service within 30 days after leaving the hospital and use the service within 7 days after the insured has confirmed the nursing care service plan with AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

About AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AWP): This company is part of Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Group) that was established in France in year 1974. Initially, the AGA Group operated businesses related to providing travel assistance to travelers or tourists worldwide. However, AGA Group expanded service scope to have greater coverage in order to continually meet the needs of customers, including emergency medical assistance service and nursing care service after hospital discharge.

Therefore, AWP has long been a leader in assistance services with expertise in Thailand and the rest of the world. AWP provides 24-hour services such as health care service, travel insurance service and vehicle-related services. 

The insured can directly contact AWP’s Customer Care Center by dialing 02-342-3278.

“per inpatient treatment”
appears in the table showing the details for “nursing care service after hospital discharge” as shown in the documents received by the insured. It shows the maximum number of times the insured can receive service from personnel after each time the insured is discharged from the hospital, if the hospital discharge meets the criteria for receiving nursing care service rights. 

It is a health service via the application and website of Healthy Living, and online society for health lovers. Available without membership fees, it provides content updates about good health along with discussion service with doctors via web board or Healthy Living Talk (telemedicine service), including points collection activity to exchange for prizes.



They can download the Healthy Living application or apply for membership and connect to Healthy Living via the My Allianz application or on Line @Azayfan.

Healthy Living Talk is a special telemedicine service of Healthy Living that is provided via the Healthy Living Talk application after logging in for service by using a Health Living account. Healthy Living account members can use the service fee of charge through the collaboration with Chiwiboripak Co., Ltd., a leader in telemedicine, to receive medical advice from doctors and experts with pre-scheduling via the Healthy Living Talk application. For additional information, read the Healthy Living Talk topic.
Learn more about conditions, how to use the service and frequently asked questions. Learn more about conditions, how to use the service and frequently asked questions.

Healthy Forum is a service on the Healthy Living application. It is a web board in which posts can be made to ask questions from health professionals to receive replies within 24 hours or to review your own experiences. On the other hand, Healthy Living Talk is an application that offers telemedicine service in which you can chat with, call and video call doctors in pre-scheduled sessions without charge. 
This service is accessible via website. 
Yes. The doctors serve from Samitivej Hospital Si Nakharin.
You can receive this service, although the expenses or right to receive reimbursement for expenses depends on your policy type and contract. 

They cover doctor’s visit service expenses, where 15 minutes spent in meeting a doctor involves an expense of 500 baht.

For other expenses, the customer can pay for actual expenses or use the right to obtain reimbursement according to a policy contract (if any).

You can contact Samitivej Hospital by dialing 02-022-2222 at any time during a 24-hour period, or if you were already engaged in a conversation with a nurse or doctor via Samitivej Virtual Hospital and then encounters an internet condition problem, the hospital will call back to you. 

If you encounter usage problems, you can contact Samitivej Virtual Hospital by dialing 02-378-9124.

Expenses begin to occur after seeing a doctor and continues until completing the conversation with the doctor. If a problem interrupts the conversation, the hospital’s staff will contact the customer and recommend the customer to make contact again with service fees continuing from before with no new service fees.  
Service fees start at 500 baht per 15 minutes. However, if there are symptoms requiring the patient to see a medical specialist or to receive ongoing treatment, the maximum doctor’s fee is 1,200 baht per 15 minutes. Please inquire about service fees in detail again when receiving service from the hospital. 

After a medical consultation, customers will receive the following documents: 

  • A document titled “Summary Report” that is given to the customer and contains information about the patient, the doctor, leading symptoms, preliminary diagnosis, the doctor’s recommendations and details about the drugs prescribed (if any). 
  • An actual receipt (in cases where the patient makes payment personally) or a copy of a debt invoice (in cases where insurance rights or a contract party company is used.)
The hospital will send an SMS message or email registered by the customer with an attached payment link (to the service payment website) directly to the customer, and after payment is made, the customer will receive an original copy of the receipt bearing the hospital’s seal, which will be sent to the mailing address the customer reported to the hospital.
In providing service, the nursing staff will be sufficiently available to receive calls. However, if there is a high number of service recipients, a text message will notify customers who have to wait longer than 2 minutes to let them decide to keep waiting on the line or leave a message. If a customer chooses to wait, the system will keep giving a notification every 2 minutes, but if the customer chooses to leave a message, the customer can state information about symptoms and a contact telephone number for the staff to call back and provide consultation later.

In cases where medications are to be delivered: 

  • Medications can be delivered on the same date as the consultation with 24-hour service provided via Grab in Bangkok and parts of Nonthaburi. 
  • Medications can be delivered on the following day with service provided based on the delivery capabilities of Thai Post and SCG.

Remarks: More than 2 days might be required for red areas (Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat). 

After a customer has received medications, the customer will be contacted by a pharmacist within 1 hour. However, if it is inconvenient for the customer, the customer can call back by using the number 02-022-2222 at any time. Up to 9 specialist staff members from Samitivej Si Nakharin Hospital provide Telemedicine Samitivej Virtual Hospital service each day.
Customers can hold discussions with doctors to ask for information about medications that they want to purchase on their own. Doctors will specify the generic names of medications that need to be purchased along with the dosage and directions on how to take or use the medications, which will be mentioned in the summary report.
Doctors will render their diagnoses based on symptoms learned through conversations and background interview and will not prescribe medications for more than 7 days, except for ongoing treatment. During the 7-day-period, nurses will make calls to follow-up on patient symptoms. If symptoms do not improve, patients are advised to see a doctor at the hospital, where the same summary report can be used in place of treatment history.
If there are problems with medications, for example, they are incomplete, damaged or spoiled, you can directly notify the hospital by calling 02-022-2222, which is available 24/7. After examining the issue and discovering a problem, the hospital will send a new set of medications within 90 minutes in Bangkok and parts of Nonthaburi. The steps in receiving medications are the responsibilities of Samitivej Hospital and involve no additional expenses for the patient in cases of problems with medication deliveries. 
If an allergy develops after receiving medications, the customer can contact Samitivej Hospital by calling 02-022-2222, which is available 24/7, for report suspected medication allergies. The steps involved will follow the principles specified and supported by the hospital.

Some medications cannot be dispensed via telemedicine service. These include: 

  • Psychoactive/high-risk medications: sedative drugs, psychiatric drugs and narcotic drugs such as morphine.
  • Medications that doctors require a direct physical examination before prescribing them.
  • Medications for treating chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and psychiatric disorders, etc.

In receiving medications for the first time, it is necessary to arrive to receive hospital treatment. However, if ongoing medications are needed, you can use Samitivej Virtual Hospital to order medications subsequently based on the doctor’s diagnosis. 

In the event of the following, we recommend receiving direct hospital treatment first in order to receive timely care:

  • Illnesses/accidents requiring emergency treatment. 
  • Illnesses that are not non-minor conditions or serious healthcare issues. 
  • Chronic illnesses that never experienced a prior physical examination by a doctor. 
  • Other illnesses requiring detailed physical examination in order to render an accurate diagnosis.

* Simple disease such as influenza, pharyngitis, gastritis, diarrhea, muscle aches, allergies, rashes, headache, menstrual cramps, dizziness, etc.

This depends on whether the contract purchased by the insurance policy holder covers international treatment or whether the treatment follows the contract terms. For treatment via the TelemedicineSamitivej Virtual Hospital, the customer has to make advance payment first and apply for reimbursement later with considerations dependent on the contract specifications.

* Online Banking (debit card payment)

* Credit Card (credit card payment) 

The hospital will send information or a website that is secure for payment directly to the customer after consultation is over.

Doing so ensures convenience in accessing information related to the customer’s policy. The customer can also quickly make changes to information and services such as by filing claims, downloading premium payment certificates and changing various information, among many other features.
All customers of Allianz Ayudhya Life Insurance can use the services on this application.
You can download the application to view your medical treatment entitlements via My Allianz.

Credit card payments are available only for insurance plans with a payment duration of 5 years or only for premiums and cannot be used to repay loans. 

It has to be a cop card issued by the company that bears the name of an executive on the credit card that is the insured person.

It has to be a cop card issued by the company that bears the name of an executive on the credit card that is the insured person.

Attach a letter of consent for premium payments by use of credit card along with a copy of the national identification card. The customer has to state the intention to exercise 0% rights/temporary receipt and send it to the head office or SC nationwide. This cannot be done online. 

When they purchase a new policy. 

You can request for a new one to be delivered to you by contacting the Company via 1373.  

They cannot. 

Insured persons can download premium payment certificates via the My Allianz application at any time. 

The company will send links via SMS for you to download annual premium payment certificates. However, you can also download premium payment certificates by yourself via the My Allianz application.
Insurance holders who are eligible to receive monetary benefits from the Company.
Policy holders will receive their money right away without having to wait for a check by mail and then cashing the check.
You can apply right away. 
You can apply for a loan via the My Allianz application with a net value not exceeding 100,000 baht. If you wish to obtain a higher loan amount, you can send documents to the company.
You can check your information through the My Allianz application or by dialing 1373.

Customers of Allianz Ayudhya

  • whose policies are still valid. 
  • whose cash value is sufficient for a loan. 
  • whose rights are not exercised as reduced paid-up insurance nor time-extended policy. 

The loan amount depends on your insurance plan and policy expropriation value. 

The company will send SMS billing notices* to policy holders 30 days before their premium payment due date (*for plans with payments every 3 months, 6 months and year only).
Yes (except for unit linked policies and policies from telesales, which are payable via TESCO and AEON). 
In order to receive communication from the company after changing your phone number, you can update your phone number via the My Allianz application or by dialing 1373.
To protect your right to use your health insurance premiums to apply for tax benefits. 
You only have to state your intention once. 
If you do not wish to state your intention, the Company will consider you to have not given your consent to submit and disclose your insurance premium information to the Revenue Department. As a result, you will be unable to use these premiums to apply for tax deductions.