Travel Assistance Service

With one phone call, you can get assistance for travel and medical emergency cases while overseas.

Travel assistance service

  • Provide assistance in case of passport loss
  • Tracking of lost baggage
  • Booking of accommodation, rental car, limousine, restaurant, and golf round

Providing assistance

  • Medical treatment information
  • Arrangement with hospital/appointment with local doctor for treatment
  • Delivery of medicine/vaccine necessary for treatment
  • Arrangement of emergency patient transfer and transfer back to Thailand
  • Bringing your remains back to Thailand
  • Emergency travel for family
  • Bringing underage children back to Thailand
  • Access to services depends on purchased plan (please refer to the attachment of your policy)
  • Terms and conditions as designated by the company.
  1. Call the 24-hour Travel Assistance Center at Tel. +66 (0)-2342-3237
  2. Indicate your policy number
  3. Indicate your issue
  • Oasis Silver
  • Oasis Gold
  • Oasis Platinum
  • Oasis Annual
  • Overseas Student