Expat Health Insurance in Thailand

Discover tailored expat health insurance plans with Allianz Ayudhya, providing extensive medical coverage for expatriates and foreigners living, working, or retiring in Thailand. Our policies offer peace of mind with substantial coverage limits and a vast network of healthcare providers.

Allianz Ayudhya provides health insurance covering medical treatment worldwide (not including the USA) for expats, foreigners residing, working, or living in the country.

Our plans cover all essential medical procedures, including a plan for a long-stay visa application program. With annual coverage ranging from 3 million to 200 million Baht, we also offer cashless billing for inpatient treatment within the our hospital network which is . Additionally, we boast an extensive medical network of over 490 hospitals and clinics nationwide in Thailand.

Whether you're an expat or a foreign national in Thailand, our range of health insurance plans are designed to offer you security and convenience. With no upfront payment for inpatient treatments within our network, we ensure you have access to over 490 hospitals and clinics nationwide, guaranteeing peace of mind.
Retirees can enjoy their stay in Thailand with confidence, knowing they're covered with our health insurance plans suitable for long-stay visa applications. Our policies encompass both inpatient and daycare treatments, along with full payment for critical care needs, including cancer and terminal illnesses.
For the enterprising expat, we provide a health insurance plan that supports your dynamic lifestyle. It includes full hospitalization coverage up to THB 200 million per year and extends to worldwide medical treatments (U.S. excluded), along with access to our extensive hospital network.


  • Terms and Conditions of the health plan may apply
  • The applicant is advised to always study details of coverage and conditions carefully before deciding to buy insurance.

With Allianz Ayudhya, selecting the right health insurance plan is straightforward. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding a plan that aligns with your unique requirements as an expat or foreign resident in Thailand.

Please be aware that terms and conditions apply to all our health plans. We advise all applicants to review the coverage details and conditions thoroughly to ensure the best decision for your health insurance needs.

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Expat health insurance plans are tailored to the unique healthcare needs and challenges faced by expatriates living abroad, offering comprehensive coverage, flexibility in health services, and peace of mind for international living.
Most health insurance plans have a brief waiting period, but certain emergency services may be available immediately. Check the specific terms of your policy for details.
Coverage for pre-existing conditions varies between plans. It's essential to review the terms or speak directly with an insurance advisor to understand the coverage limits for pre-existing conditions.