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Health insurance

Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, Medical expense coverage
Medical expense coverage for Maximum Plan is THB 5,000,000 per policy year
Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, Room & Board
Room & Board up to THB 7,000 per day
Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, Personal Accident
Personal Accident (Or.Bor.2) THB 100,000
Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, Lifetime renewal
Lifetime renewal
Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, 10% insurance premium refund
10% insurance premium refund in case of no claim
Health Insurance EXCLUSIVE CARE @BDMS, Monthly premium payments available
Monthly premium payments available

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  • Subject to the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.
    Warning: Buyers should understand in detail coverage and conditions before making insurance decisions every time.
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Plan 1
Plan 2
Maximum benefit for an injury or sickness per policy year 1,500,000 5,000,000
Area of cover Thailand
1. Benefits for Inpatient Care    
Section 1
Room and board including service charges (inpatient)
1.1 Non-intensive care room (maximum payable per day) 5,000 7,000
1.2 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Maximum not more than 15 days 15,000 21,000
Section 2
Hospital medical expenses for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, blood and blood components, nursing service, medicines, and parenteral nutrition, and medical supplies
2.1 Hospital medical expenses for diagnostic procedures



Paid in full(1)

2.2 Hospital medical expenses for therapeutic procedures, blood and blood components, and nursing service
2.3 Medicines and parenteral nutrition, and medical supplies
2.4 Home medications and medical (supplies 1) for taking home Maximum not more than 14 days
Section 3
Medical practitioners’ fees, maximum payable
Paid in full(1)
Section 4
Fees for surgery and medical procedures
4.1 Operating theater and procedure room

Paid in full(1)
4.2 Medicines, parenteral nutrition, medical supplies, surgery and procedure equipment
4.3 Surgeons' fees including fees for surgical assistants
4.4 Anesthesiologists’ fees
4.5 Organ transplantation
Section 5
Day Surgery
Paid in full(1)
2. Benefits for Non-Inpatient Care    
Section 6
Hospital medical expenses for diagnostic procedures before or after hospitalization relating to the condition diagnosed, or outpatient treatment after hospitalization
6.1 Hospital medical expenses for diagnostic procedures relating to the condition diagnosed within 30 days before and after hospitalization

Paid in full(1)
6.2 The expenses for OPD visit post hospitalization within 30 days (excluding hospital medical expenses for diagnostic procedures)
Section 7
Medical expenses for an injury (OPD) within 24 hours of the incident

Paid in full(1)
Section 8
Rehabilitation post hospitalization

Paid in full(1)
Section 9
Hospital medical expenses for treatment of chronic kidney disease by hemodialysis


Section 10
Medical expenses for treatment of tumor or cancer by radiation therapy, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine therapy


Section 11
Medical expenses for treatment of cancer by chemotherapy
Section 12
Emergency ambulance services, maximum payable (per trip)
Section 13
Minor surgical expenses

Paid in full(1)
3. Additional Benefits    
Personal Accident (Or.Bor.2)(2) 100,000

(1) Full cover, not over maximum coverage per year.

(2)Insuring Agreement for Personal Accident, Provide coverage for Death, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Loss of Hearing, Loss of Speech or Disability Benefits (Or.Bor.2). In case of driving or riding a motorcycle, the coverage will be 50% of the sum insured.

  1. Eligible for applicants aged between 15 days to 65 years old. If the applicant applies for the insurance before 60 years old and continuously renews the policy will receive the right for lifetime renewal but if the applicant applies for the insurance from the age of 60 years and above will be receive the right to renew the policy until 80 years old.
  2. The applicants' aged under 20 years old must apply for the insurance together with their father or mother.
  3. For insured who hold more than one insurance policy with Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance, the maximum benefit for medical treatment must not exceed THB 30 million. The maximum benefits for Personal Accident insurance must not exceed THB 1 million per person, including all active policies with the company.
  4. Insurance period: Yearly Basis.
  5. Terms and conditions of coverage and underwriting as specified by the company.
  • Can be used for income tax deduction rights according to the rules of the Revenue Department.
  • Chronic diseases, injury or sickness (including complications), symptoms or abnormalities that were present before insurance start (Pre-existing Condition)
  • Medical expenses incurred for
    - Within 30 days from effective date for any illness or
    - Within 120 days from effective date for the following illnesses: tumors, cysts, or all types of cancer, hemorrhoids, all types of hernias, pterygium or cataracts, tonsillectomy or adenoids, all types of stones, varicose veins in the legs, and endometriosis, excluding emergency surgery that is not due to conditions related to various diseases which was before insurance start (Pre-existing Condition)
  • Not covered medical treatment occurring abroad
  1. Coverage only for admission to specified hospitals or designated clinics only. However, medical treatment other than the designated hospitals or clinics, whether with or without advance treatment planning. The company will provide coverage for medical expenses only when admitted as an emergency
    patient or critical emergency patient in a hospital only.
  2. This document is not part of the insurance policy.
  3. The applicant is advised to always study detail of coverage, condition and exclusion carefully before making decision to buy insurance.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Insured to make premium payments. Insurance agencies and brokers only facilitate for the service.
  5. Underwritten by Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited
  6. This insurance plan provides coverage for medical treatment occurring in Thailand only.